This case study with DanceSport WA forms part of a series highlighting why grassroots sports funding is essential to build and develop communities that encourage participants to increase their physical activity levels.

In 2018 the Federal Government committed over $150 million to drive national sports participation and physical activity initiatives to get Australian’s moving. 

DanceSport Western Australia (DSWA) received $4,000 funding from the WA Government to host a “Come and Try” day for their Para Dance and All Abilities 12-week pilot program. The Grant agreement covered the cost associated with the Come and Try day, paying the coaches to run classes for the 12-weeks and two public performances. 

“In January 2018 we held a come and try day and from there we started a pilot program and it has just gone from strength to strength.” Judith Williams, Chairman of DSWA

The introduction of this program has seen Para Dance and All Abilities Dance included in the DSWA competitions programs. The program has encompassed many wheelchair dancers, many special ability dancers, cognitive and physical and it has also benefited the mainstream dancers who volunteer as partners for the people in the program.

“The number of people this has benefited is quite vast, I wouldn’t be able to put an exact number on it.

“This provides self-esteem, improves their health, their quality of life, their mental health and their posture. With the children alone we have seen huge improvement in their physical range and ability and the social aspect allows these people to mix with the mainstream dancers but also when they go to their school socials they can participate with their peers,” Williams said. 

Without the government funding, DSWA wouldn’t have been able to host their come and try day or pay the coaches of their pilot program. This case study again demonstrates the need to continue investing in community sports. 

Download the case study here.