Partners in hosting the 17th Australian Masters Games in Adelaide, 5-12 October 2019 –

There is no doubt that the South Australian Government has been the greatest supporter of the Australian Masters Games throughout its 30+ year history.  Via the South Australian Tourism Commission Adelaide has played host to the AMG on 7 occasions out of 17.  Adelaide is an outstanding location for the Australian Masters Games with the full gamut of quality sports venues all within a manageable distance of the central Games Village.

The South Australian public are very generous in their support of AMG with the kaleidoscope of colours and buzz of enthusiasm from volunteers, participants and spectators making each and every AMG a special occasion.  The 17th Australian Masters Games was successfully held in Adelaide on 5-12 October 2019 is well advanced with registrations rolling in – indications are that it will be the best AMG yet and CAS is very excited about the prospects of another wonderful event.