This article is courtesy of Table Tennis Australia. 

Scarborough Table Tennis Club (STTC) will host the 2021 Australian Masters Games table tennis competition from Wednesday 13 to Saturday 16 October 2021. In preparation for the tournament the club will be able to upgrade their venue equipment thanks to the funding provided by the TTA 2021 Equipment and Facilities Grants Program.

The program has injected over $114,000 into table tennis projects across 13 clubs/associations from all over the country, including STTC.

The purchase of new equipment will enhance the clubs ability to cater to participants of the competition as well as their growing membership base.

Club Chairman Simon Thurtle said that STTC has seen an increase in table tennis participants over the last 12 months, something that the club has sometimes struggled to accommodate due to the restrictions in place.

“Because of COVID-19 we have had to restrict club access to our own members. With all the lockdowns it has been hard to hold tournaments due to the lack of certainty,” Thurtle said.

STTC is now looking forward to hosting table tennis at the 2021 Australian Masters Games in October and providing the participants with a safe and enjoyable environment.

“The new barriers will provide the participants with less intrusion from one court to another during individual games. They will also add an extra safety element and the convenience of not having stray balls end up in other games,” Thurtle said.

Thurtle added that STTC is pleased to be able to use the grant funds to continue bringing high quality table tennis to the West Australian community.

“Sometimes, being so far away from everything, you start to feel a little isolated. We are very appreciative to have received this grant from TTA and for all the great work they are doing to boost table tennis clubs,” Thurtle said.