National Sports Convention

National Sports & Physical Activity Convention 2021 – Building a bold and sustainable agenda

Welcome to the National Sport Convention & Physical Activity Convention 2021 (NSC21), where the NSC will be travelling to Melbourne to present a comprehensive program of events, networking and professional development opportunities between Tuesday 9th and Thursday 11 November 2021. 

2020 showed us that many industry sectors, including sport, government, recreation, play and fitness, just how sensitive we are to global and local fluctuations in society and the importance of us having the ability to adapt and innovate. Underpinning this agility is the recognition that the economy we work in, impacts on us significantly both as a program and activity organisers as well as to community sports participants and peak bodies. 

Australia’s Leading Community Sport and Recreation Knowledge Sharing and Networking Events

This year NSC21 has the support of and has been developed with over 40 industry bodies for sport, recreation, play, education and government following the COVID-19 pandemic, which has seen a significant recalibration of our industry and how we think, plan and execute our planning and delivery to the community. 

NSC21 aims to provide a platform for the industry to reconnect, create conversations, share insights, celebrate success and provide inspiration for the future. 

The NSC21 Structure includes: 

  • The NSC Oration: NSC’s inaugural opening speech from the Government who will set the agenda for how it sees a post COVID-19 society in Australia. 
  • Thought Leader Keynote Sessions: bringing together Key Thought Leaders from across the globe and Australasia to explore the bigg issues and what is needed for a bold and sustainable agenda.
  • Keynote Sessions: with nine sessions over two days, thought provoking, sharing insights and exploring the conversations we need to have. 
  • Workshops: exploring detailed insights and best practices, 
  • NSC Awards: to celebrate our innovations and industry success over the past 20 months. 
  • NSC Community Sport & Physical Activity Expo: bringing together 30 of the industry key innovators and suppliers who want to work with the industry to be bold and sustainable. 
  • Innovation Tours: three industry tours focused on ‘The Future of: Play and Playgrounds; Sports Facilities and Activation of Urban Spaces and Community Leisure and Wellbeing Facilities.
  • NSC Academy: complimentary access to all delegates, a wealth of resources, interviews and podcasts.  

Expert Speakers and Panel Members

The NSC21 strives to attract Global Keynote and National Speakers who share strategic insights to enhance and challenge the conversation around how as an industry, we can encourage more people to be active and how we can recognise the challenges from 2020 and build a new version for 2021. 

The National Sports & Physical Activity Convention is built on the success of previous years’ events and in 2021 the NSC2021 will host over 60 speakers. 

Networking Opportunities

There will be an abundance of networking opportunities throughout the program as we embrace new technological platforms to actively participate while balancing COVID health guidelines, with a range of events, conferences and interactive opportunities for delegates and e-delegates to embrace.


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